One of the most acquainted ice melter is rock salt considering that it is used to make our freeway secure throughout winter tornados. Lots of customers recognize little about the many other ice melters that are utilized to make our sidewalks, driveways as well as parking lots safe. This short article utilizes simple/non-technical language to describe exactly how all these ice melters work.


All conventional ice melters are formulas of 4 basic salts and/or fertilizers. On top of that, other components are in some cases added to make the products stick, spread, put a lot better and/or much more visible. Words salt is used to explain a material containing the standard aspect called “chloride”. Rock salt is the material Sodium Chloride mined naturally from under the ground.

1) Sodium Chloride— The rock salt (natural sodium chloride) granules function by soaking up heat. When these granules are spread out on sidewalk having water and/or ice, two factors occur:

2) Calcium chloride— The granules of this substance give off bunches of warmth when enabled to speak to water/ice unlike the stone salt that soaked up warmth. Calcium chloride has a MET of -25 F.

3) Magnesium chloride— The granules of this material likewise produce heat. Nevertheless, it has a MET of simply zero F. This is since the granules contain regarding 50 % water and also 50 % magnesium chloride making it only half as effective when combined with water/ice. Due to the water material, the application price should be significantly raised to obtain the exact same quantity of melting as compared to calcium chloride.

4) Potassium chloride— The granules of this compound job much like shake salt by taking in warmth. As a result, Potassium chloride is less effective compared to the previous 2 salts. Potassium chloride has a MET of +25 F. Potassium chloride is additionally a frequently made use of as a fertilizer.

Since it is known that the above for rock salt ice melters work by either absorbing heat or emitting heat, what establishes the real performance of ice melters? By differing the percentages of the above 4 salts in an item, the supplier can adjust the many attributes of ice melters such as MET’s, melting rate, melting durations, and also environment effect (greenery, animal life, concrete, flooring covering, etc.).